Crash server official #1071


Hi all, @Ignasi wondering if crashing the server to bring your stats to 50 is legit. If it is not legit I ask to intervene in the 1071 server, it is clear that today someone has crashed the server several times to take advantage of the famous glitch that allows you to have all the statistics to the maximum. If it’s considered legit, my clan will too. Thanks for your answer.

rinunciare alla speranza. gli sfruttatori hanno vinto.

More 28 crash… Is it possible??? We can’t play if the same clan crashed the server everytime. @Ignasi please make something for this problem. Or tell if it’s legit, so we can do it too.

Of course it’s legit, i have one character with higher stats on empty official server (just to see if they gonna fix it / reset stats someday)
Well it’s not LEGIT that you can do it, it’s called EXPLOIT but it works, suspossedly it’s fixed on TESTLIVE but 1 month later and we still don’t have fix on LIVE when it’s MANDATORY as pvp servers are UNPLAYABLE.

I don’t think is legit crashed the server…