Crash then now slow performance

Game mode: Singleplayer
Problem: Crash and lag issue when restart
Region: France

Hi !
Before the night between the 1st and 2th june everything was fine. the game was perfectly fast and then something happened when I was harverting a dead body. I couldn’t move anymore, just turning on myself and using my actual weapon but not walking. I couldn’t change my weapon either, and I hadn’t access to the inventory or menu. I couldn’t escape the game, and I couldn’t even use the key (ctrl- alt-sup) to force the shutdown.
My only option was then to hard reset the computer.

When it restarts, I restarted the game and first I thought it was ok, but as soon as I tried to harvest something or fight, it becomes slow. I experience a lot of lag (but I’m singleplayer on my PC). I can’t fight anymore if I have to move or turn my body, so I mostly die even when I try to leave the fight because it’s almost impossible to know where i’m going. It became boring.
In the case I don’t die, mostly after harvesting, after a while it becomes normal again and I can move fast with no lag at all until I fight or harvest again.
I tried to put the setting at the minimum to test… it’s not that (and anyway I have a 8700K whith GTX 1080)
I tried to uninstall the game and install it again… not working better.

Edit : It seems to work even worth now, It’s lagging less when I don’t fight or harvest but still it’s lagging as soon as I move now… it seem to be a bit less but still.
I tried to play at mass effect andromeda again to see, full setting at max and it works very well, so the computer is not the problem. I think that when I had to hard reboot the system after the big bug, it just did something wrong with the solo game on my computer (I didn’t try multi), but I have no idea of what to do to fix it, since the uninstall and install again didn’t fixed it… I think something just stayed wrong on my PC after that, but what ? Is it the “local serveur” the game install when sologame?.. If it is, how to fix it, or reinstall it again? without loosing my level of course.

And to be absolutely clear only the game Conan Exiles (at least in solo game is lagging a lot when doing to much… The PC works perfectly fine.
How to do again the thing the game does when you first play solo game or maybe just check the files for the management of the solo game. I check the game and the files was OK and I reinstalled it anyway, but not sure it works with the local serveur the game créated at the beginning, the problem must come from here.

I don’t know what to do but it’s not playable anymore.

Please tell me that you know how to fix my issue.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

May be a driver issue, also if you state it’s not your pc. You say you’re on windows 10, which often do bad things to the drivers when an update.

But maybe also a corrupted save. Did you try a new character, a new game ?
There is a save-editor for SP if you want not give up your old save. Just google it. With that i can set-up different saves for testing purpose, also add a second character to my current game if i want.

I would try to see if a new game is doing the same way.

Then do you use some mods ? Some outdated mods can also act strangely.