Crash to dashboard - now includes router crashing

Game mode: [Online | Multiplayer]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [US Southeast]

On PVE-C Server 2508
XBox One X

For months, I have experienced the crash to dashboard (CTD) within 15 second of logging in to the official server.
I implemented the “workaround” of loading an offline single-player game, logging out, and then loading the MP game. This worked virtually every time.

About two weeks ago I moved to a new apartment (about the same time as the last patch).
I had to get a new modem & router from Spectrum cable (formerly Charter).
The old modem I had was a 2-in-1 unit - with a router. My Xbox was hardwired with an ethernet cable and a single coax line from the router/modem into the wall. There was no TV service.

My new modem is separate from the router. I have an ethernet cable hardwired to the Xbox. The router is wired to the modem. The coax from the wall is split, and I have TV service with a DVR on this TV.
But, again, the router is hardwired directly to the Xbox.

Now, the CTD is worse.
Not only does it crash, but it also crashes my router - disconnecting the XBox from Xbox Live AND disconnecting all of the internet in my apartment.

When I attempt to test the connection on Xbox, I get a message:
“DNS isn’t resolving Xbox server names.”

This renders the game literally unplayable.

If it helps, I can provide model info of the hardware.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Load my existing MP game

Hello @Gritland, thank you for providing such detailed information!

Our team is looking into the dashboarding issues some users have been experiencing, however, it is unlikely that this is the cause for your router to crash, so we’d suggest having it looked by your ISP to ensure its functioning as expected.

We’ll still be forwarding the data you’ve provided to the developers, so we really appreciate the time you took to share it with us!

Thanks for taking the time to respond.

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Hey Gritland,

This used to be a constant struggle for myself and the members of my clan(although losing all internet connection seems to be an extreme consequence). We spent a few months building massive bases and stocking them with thralls and pets. It is to the point that it takes several minutes just to travel through the bases because the doors take time to load in. Reaching this point coincided with having issues even logging in and constant ctd.

We have largely solved the problem by building “log out” bases that are far enough from the main ones that allow us to log in without issues.

It is my suspicion that the number of AI within rendering distance contributes to the bulk of the issue while building size(placeables included) has less, but noticeable, effect. As a result, the amount of information transferred when logging in overwhelms the router/xbox in some way(my guess). It seems to only happen when logging in and not when traveling in and out of these areas.

Hope this helps! I’m sure someone will correct me if my assumptions are ill-conceived. :wink:


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