Crash when equiping item

**Game mode: Single player/ PC
**Type of issue: Crash | Bug | Misc
Server type:PvE
**Region: Europe

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***Some time in Single player mode I get this freeze when I try to equip an item, say like now last I was trying to equip a helmet, the game froze and it crashed (Now this happens both with Un-modded and modded game so it’s not just a mod fkup). well I relog and well back in game the item (Helmet in this case) is on my head but at the same time it has duplicated the helmet. Now I do mean duplicated the Helmet (Item), My helmet was improved and the new item is improved as well, so it’s not just a new item respawn.
What I have noticed though is that this happens every time the game is fkd up. I log in and the camps are completely empty (also happens modded and un modded, so it can’t be blamed on mods). And yes I have travelled far away, waited for 1 ingame day, and more and still the camps are inhabited. if I’m lucky they respawn after 3-4 restarts. The game is good but not that good that I have to do this procedure every time your codes are messed up.
I do know that the issue of camp completely empty has been mentioned before by other Gamers, and no one is wiser yet, and since this is a known issue maybe it’s about time y’all address it for once. =)

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  1. Equipping or trying to equip item, both drag and drop and Right click for auto equip
  2. Log in again and the Item is duplicated

It’s like a premonition, empty cam/village the game is gonna crash next time I change gear :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: lol

Hey @Achroi

You mention this is happening in single player. Do you have any mods installed in your game?

Hi @Ignasi when I wrote this I only had 2 mods installed, and they should not have affected at all because they only touch a setting that should already be there from the beginning, the mods I was using at the last crash was “Greater camera distance” which allows me to zoom out way more than the games claustrophobic original setting and “Centred third person camera” which centres my camera to the character instead of the over shoulder camera.
But as I wrote this crashes have happened before both with and with out mods. most mods I use are mostly to fix and correct what should have been in the original game and that you guys still haven’t addressed, and ofc some character beautification mods. but as I said when the last crash occurred I only had those two Camera mods installed, the game has been working fine afterwards.

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Thanks for the confirmation. Sending your feedback to our team so we can look into it.


Having two camera mods could and probably do cause a conflict. And trust me when I say that crashes can occur from mods that from a user’s perspective has nothing to do with the mod’s intended purpose. I also don’t know which two mods you refer to but one or both could be outdated.

I suggest, if you aren’t already, use Flutteguy’s Customisable Camera mod and remove the other two.

@Multigun, I know dear, and yes they are, and you are still not reading me, the same crash with the same results have occurred with out mods. and yes the mods are outdated but they work fine. But I’m going to check the suggested mod, way better if 1 mod can replace both that I have. Thank you.

I’ll ask the age old question then. Have you tried verifying your files through Steam yet?

Yes I Did, as I said the game is working fine now, the crash has occurred both with and with out mods and every time I log back in it duplicates the item I was trying to equip. it’s not that I can’t play the game any more, it just happens now and then , the game freezes, crashes and then I log back in and the duplicated item is in my inventory while the item I was equipping at the time before the crash is slotted where it should be.
I’ve been playing Skyrim since release before this game, and I know my way around mods, it’s not my first dance. The file verification is good, nothing missing, and no need to re install anything as of yet.

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