Crash when in the forest north of King's Niche

Game mode: Both Online and Singleplayer
Problem: Crash
Region: North America

I am getting intermittent crashes while traveling in the forest area to the west side of the map, just north of King’s Niche. The the crash seems to occur most often during daylight hours, with the weather not seeming to make a difference. I have not experienced this crash in any other region thus far, as I have traveled to there from the starting desert and have explored as far south south as Sepermeru.

The severity of the crashes have been a wide range:
The client crashing out and getting a prompt to send a report to Funcom
The client freezing and requiring using the Task Manager to close out
The screen blacking out and freezing the entire computer, requiring a manual restart
The screen blacking out and the computer automatically restarting

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Create a new character or load into an existing character
  2. Travel to King’s Niche, on the far western section of the map
  3. Continue travel north into the forest, in the general direction of the Mounds of the Dead, during day time hours. Note if the player crashes.

Crash was experienced on a computer with the following:
i7-5820k CPU
16 gb ram
Windows 10
GTX 980Ti
Occurred on Fullscreen Windowed and Fullscreen, and on Low and Ultra settings.
PC is running with 2 monitors, with the game on one screen.