Crashing after logging out as admin and other messy things

Game mode: [Singleplayer offline]
Problem: [Crash | Bug]
Region: [US]

I’m at the part in my chapters list that I needed a purge to happen, and in my single player offline game, it was not turned on by default. I became admin for my server and started messing with my settings until the purge bar actually started to fill. (The last two sliders were close to 0) I noticed right away that some weird things were happening (swinging horizontally and not where I was aiming, unable to hit corpses with an axe). I finally got a purge to happen and decided to log out and see if that reversed any screwyness but as soon as I did that, my game crashes and I relog to find my character in the spot right -before- I entered admin commands. This has happened every time I’ve become an admin and my game is starting to get screwy to the point that I might have to just start fresh.

Edit: one thing I forgot to mention is I pressed restore default settings after I had tried the purge the first time.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Become Admin
  2. Enable purge and mess with its settings until purge meter starts to fill
  3. Try harvesting animals (starts to swing horizontally)
  4. Try quitting to main menu and crash (or remove bracelet and get stuck in respawn menu for eternity)

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