Crashing gets me killed

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Why is it that every time I crash I will randomly die? Why is it that if im moving when I crash my character will keep running until they hit a wall or fall off a cliff. Why cant my character stop and go unconscious right where i crashed and be immortal? Why am I crashing?

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This has happened to me twice.
My base is a bit South of Sinkhole, when I experienced a “10sec crash,” I relogged in the desert and seen my body at the bottom of the Sinkhole. At level 20, I climbed down and retrieved my items.
I think this is just how the server reacts, the server thinks you are still playing and continues the last input you had. If the server turns you immortal, PvPers could abuse this.

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I thought about that but, for a milllion dollar company it should be easier to code something that can dictate what is happening. whether a crash or online disconnect. I mean Funcom are supposed to be professionals right? They hired professionals to do professional things. Code code code

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Well, as I said before, in a PvE setting the immortal PCs are fine. But in PvP, anytime you are attacked, you could logout and not die and risk your items.
A system like you propose, if split apart from PvP may require massive code work and treat the combat systems (in upkeep standards) 2 or 3 different games in whole.


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