Crashing on exiles

I was level 60 and got stuck in perma freeze at shattered bridge ! Ah well start a new game … Now i am level 28 ish and forgot ! i am mow in perma freeze at shattered bridge again ! … PLEASE SORT YOUR BUGS OUT FUNCOM AND MAYBE I WILL SPEND ON SIPTAH !

I have been flagged to other discussions on this topic going back over 2 years ! but Funcom simply takes down the posts and forgets about them ! /./// Funcom seems to be like an ostrich ! burying their heads in the sand , hiding from the bugs they cannot fix and making new ones ! … We do not need stamina to be rebalanced ! Any admin can do that ! IN FACT AFTER EVERY UPDATE ADMINS HAVE TO GO INTO ADMIN PANEL AND MAKE THE GAME PLAYABLE AGAIN ! …

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