Crashing repeatedly in base only

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Crash
Server type PvE-Conflict 1041
Region: EU

[Describe the bug here]

The game crashes continously and my PC auto restarts.
When i log back in I am sometimes naked in the desert and my body is several hundred meters from my base. Or I am alive but again several hundred meters friom where I was in my base when the game crashed.
The base is not built up at this stage, just an expanse of foundation and basic production facilaties set up.
This only happens in this location, I have no problem in other much larger bases or in my old one before i demolished and moved here.
The location is. N. 304164
6. 126072


AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 8 core
32g ram
Nvidia GF RTX 2080 Ti

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:
1.Just move around the base.

Check your GPU temperature
Your 2080 overheating
Manualy set coller speed to 60-70% with MSI Afterburner and test

No luck. Tested several times.
Max GPU temp low 60s
Average mid 50s
Crashing at any temp.

That could indicate a hardware problem. Something is causing a short for some reason. Result would be a safety shutdown of the computer. A dying (too weak) PSU would be where I start guessing.
Second would be GPU, as @snake already suggested. From your answer to him, I will conclude that you have the rig out in the open with proper air flow.

I did not check what the location of your new base is, but it is known, that some locations are less optimised (demand more hardware output)

Also something to eliminate: Do you spend most of the time at your new location and only “try” to hang at older (bigger) locations, or do you spend significant time at other locations too (without problem)?

Did you try recording outputs from several computer components? You can use one of many free apps available. The app would record outputs to a text file in real time, and after a crash, you can check, if there was a spike somewhere.

I have a Relatievly new rig professionally built by Scan.Co.Uk. No dying or weak components.
My last base was twice the size of this one, And twice as cluttered and experianced no problems.
My rig can handle Ark on the highest settings and no problems.
I spend most of my time on other parts of the map just to avoide the crashes and never have any problems, except the lag spikes everyone experincees.
Only here at this location.

I do not doubt the strength of your rig or competence of the company that built it.

But it is a fact that in every so many parts, one will avoid A test and end up in someones rig. Not blaiming anyone, that is the simple reallity of mass production. That is why we have warranty rules.

One piece of info is needed: Do you run the game from SSD?

Are you on windows 10? Could you try, just as a last measure if you are on win10, to disable all gaming optimizations? in the control center, control panel, however is called, search for the gaming category, in there disable all the features, fullscreen optimization, gaming optimization and game bar or something like that.

Good luck.

Yes I have a SSD as my game drive.
Yes Im on Win 10.
Turned off win Game mode and traveled Obalisk/Run around most of the map except far north without any problem, Visating many vvery large bases.
Then I returned to my own base and spent some time unloading my inventory. Once done I started to run around the bare foundations that comprise most of the base and within 10s i crashed.

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By specs your machine should handle it.
I run on i7/16GB RAM/GTX1070/SSD/Win10/[email protected], game plays fine on ultra. Getting lag when/where expected, but for a LONG time could not recreate a game crash such as you describe.

My suggestion should be an insult to your rig, but could you try playing on “low end laptop mode”, just to see what happens?

So far no crash.

Looks like i found one of the least optamised spots on the map.
I can run the rest of the map in ultre.
But not at -N 203084 -G 124902

Edit. Yes it seems ok on “Low/Med” but as soon as i hit “High” it is gone in seconds.

So if i want to stay here it looks like i will have to drop Rsolution whenever i return to base.
Thanks for your time and effort.


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