Crashing when trying to enter Iridias shop

Hey, EVERY TIME i try to enter the shop, the game CTD, and gives me a Epic games crash message. Doesn’t matter when i try it (start of game, 1 hour in, 2 hours in etc.). It always crashes me to desktop.

If you know the crash message (and have any crash logs if Epic has that), could you post them here?

Any more details are appreciated.

I would love to, but the forum doesn’t allow me to post images, but i’ll throw in a puush link, for the error message and the crashdmp. (It wouldn’t allow links either… )



Hope someone can figure this out, the game up to this point has been great.

I found a fix. Delete a random file in the steam folder, and then verify the installation in steam properties.
It downloaded the file plus another file it didn’t download on its own.

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Sometimes the Steam repository doesn’t push all the files, so verifying the installation usually does the trick :slight_smile:

Glad you found a solution!

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