Crawling Chaos quests: unbalanced?


for the sake of completeness, I do all the achievement quests at the moment. By doing so, I found one quest especially annoying due to its obvious imbalancedness. I speak about the last quest from the Crawling Chaos line in Dragon’s Spine.
At the moment, it seems completely impossible to complete it with a Barbarian. I get through the first two waves of opponents without much of sweat. But then the Boss appears… and wipes the floor with my sorry butt! I already gave 10 attempts or so, they all ended in complete defeat for me without any real chance of success. I tried with using the flute and without it, with attacking it directly, using all my abilities and stuff… no chance at all. I read the descriptions from the web and watched the youtube vid, nothing helped.

Finally I relogged and did the quest with my Necromancer. Boss down at the first attempt without any trouble.
Then I tried it again with my Bear Shammy. Same result, one can easily outheal the damage of the boss.
The pointe is: of all aforementioned chars, the Barb has by far the best equipment!

So I state: healers and Necros can easily kill that boss single-handedly while having a telephone call from an angry ex-wife on the other hand, while melees can’t manage this fight at all.

Is it only me considering that a major design flaw?

Did not have a major problem killing the worm on barb. You do know that you can resurrect 3 of those priests and have them tank the boss for you for a bit? to activate the priests you just stand on their corpses when the worm spawns that aoe under your feet.

Also, it might be worth using blood rage stance for self heal.

Sure it’s going to be easier on some classes, some are just better for soloing than others. I didn’t have too many issues doing it with a barb or any other class I tried it on

Hmm, I didn’t know you can resurrect those priests and make them tank for you.


due to your encouraging comments I gave it another try. Same effect: I could as well try to kill Thoth-Amon single-handedly.
This time I started standing on one of the dead priests and indeed the worm resurrected him and the priest ‘tanked’ as intended. I immediately clicked on the flute but the progress bar was so slow, that the priest fell dead before I even reached the worm. Then I resurrected the next priest, but when it finally stood, I was down to 30% (yes, I had that advanced Daggamalt running) and, of course, the flute buff had worn off.
Needless to say, I was down a few seconds later. Getting 2k of damage per second is nothing a barbarian can cope with.
The second try I immediately charged the worm when the first priest stood, but again, the worm had the priest down wihin seconds and again I was down before i had a chance to even resurrect the second priest. And, yes, I avoided that AoE fields.

Can this quest be done in a group?

forget about playing the flute. takes to long to get the buff and it’s not that impressive. Better to ress a priest and dps until it’s dead. then ress another priest. but remember…You still get targeted by aoe under your feet while it’s tanking and that one hurts a lot so don’t stand in it.

Also. I don’t know what spec you are using but you should probably be in a zerker suvival spec. If that makes any sense.
Also, you mentioned your gear is good. Like is it T3 or purple khitai? or better? Anyways. Dragon spine quests are some of the hardest solo quests in the game.

Although barb is my main and I consider myself a pretty solid player, I had enormous trouble when I did that last step a few years ago.
It really anoyed me that you need so much time between the trys you can make at the worm.
My gear was T3-ish and not maxed out on AAs, and I went there and tried again after every gear upgrade, every AA upgrade, I got really mad and embarrassed.
If I tried to spawn the tanking priest they would not stand up 50% of the time, if I tried the flute and the priest the dps window was too narrow, if I tried only the flute the cast got interrupted by a newly spawning aoe, if I tried just dpsing the boss I just took too much damage. Blood Rage stance only heals you if you hit something, and the balance between hiting/healing/damage is not in our favor here.
I finally had a lucky try where all priest spawned, I managed to play the flute 2 times, and after that just charged in, dpsing while moving out of the aoe. I think my barb was almost full T4 at that point…which is actually, as I saif, pretty embarrassing compared to other players I know of who did it T2-ish. But I don’t care, I won!
I remember I always kicked the priest at the altar of the flute away, so that if I spawned an aoe while spawning the priest it would not touch the altar.

But although it almost drove me crazy I do not really mind that this quest, or boss, is not balanced to be equally hard or easy for all classes. On the one hand I appreciated the challange, it definatly made me rethink my character at a point in the game where I could pretty much faceroll everything else, and it gave me a good feeling of accomplishment once I FINALLY beat that bloody worm. Class (or content) balance to me does not mean that every situation is exactly equally hard/easy for every class, but that the situations that suck for your class or that let you shine are equal in numbers. I think with a deversity of classes like we have in AoC it is just a given thing that solo content can not cater to every class equally. But every class needs to be able to solve the solo situations, with completely different approaches. And that is the case, imo.

Just try again and again, tweak your build and gear, try if more survivability or more dps works for you. Good luck with that ■■■■■■■!

since im too lazy to do theese queste more than once i cant remember if it was hard or not but with a survivability specc its hard to believe you can get problems there with a barb
i mean a barb is nearly as though as a tank in survivability^^