Crazy honkers and how to not have them

A few suggestions to improve picking breasts.

  1. Have breasts show in the character builder. The portrait-view and body-view are not very helpful.
  2. Indicate cup-size along the slider. Because currently 25% already is a C-cup. Please mark the zones for sportsbra and backpain.

Thank you, next time when I’m in Oslo I’ll let you sign them.


In addition to size, I’d love to see improvements on the shape. The small ones are too bouncy, especially on more muscular women who tend to have little loose fat on their chest. The bigger ones (over 65 % on the slider) are too floaty and resemble balloons rather than natural breasts.

So yes, I agree that a better view of the character during character creation would be helpful. not only because of boobs, but because the character creation sliders are pretty limited in the way we can customize our bodies, and it’s not necessarily intuitive how the “more - less” slider affects certain body parts, especially once game engine physics are applied to said parts.

Camera rotation would be enough for me. Help in all character creation.

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