Crazy temperature levels after patch


I am sure this will be fixed the next few days :slight_smile:


Build on north to get heatstroke while cooking fish :smiley:


there is in fact a heath-resistent shield that exist. It’s a legendary one.

But i think iti isn’t intended be so extrem. Temperatures was still a bit a problem. Same in the north. I mean i’m hight enough and have good armors so i can live with it. But for me it’s just strange that i don’t mention any temperatur-change from inside and outside my base the most time. What’s the point at the end building a good base if not also to protect against elements and weather.

I think i should feel warmer inside with fire, torches, and braziers, but the change is mostly barely visible at all.

Like said, i know how to manage and survive, that’s not the trouble, it’s more a thing of feeling and logic.


Now way this is intended :joy: There is something wrong with the temperature system.


There certainly is! I think the temperature system should be more global, there seems to have too many hot spots and cold spots in the map, while it makes logic in some places there are others that makes absolute no logic… my main base is located in the desert, in that little canyon where lots of trees grow, ground is covered with grass and there is even a lake (with a croc World boss). And for some reason that area is HOT and surrounding area, inclusing the deserts around the temperature is normal.


Not to discount what anyone is saying, but living in a Black Ice fortress in the Volcano is heatstroke all the time :slight_smile: Built a new building in the DLC material assuming it cooled like T3 stone, nope, it heats up lol.

Ahhhhh, toasty.


that’s a fact !

Black-ice and kithan are made for the cold areas. While black-ice would fit the best for the look in the volcano, it’s indeed not the best idea. :sweat_smile:
I would realy love some buildings stuff for the volcano, but that’s an other story.

If you take a look at the kithan-armors they are definitively for the cold. The heavy armor is very warm, and can be seen as a starmetal armor.


Imo the temperature levels before patch were not that crazy as they are now ^^