Create more difficult and competitive servers

The current official servers for PVP have settings that make them too easy for clans to reach level 60. So many bored level 60 players is not working. The official servers appear to have been set up for single players rather than clans. PVP servers attract clans. My suggestion is to set up a half dozen official servers in NAmerica as a test, with increased difficult settings - such as 1X harvest, and a drastic increase in the number of dangerous animals (wolves, bears, hyenas, elephants etc) like they were in pre-release. Then you advertise these servers as offering a challenge for the very best players to join.

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Agree with this, and remove yellow lotus potion from said hardcore servers, you build your character and stick with it, dont like it, level a new one.

I like the yellow lotus for many reasons but your idea is good for extreme challenge.

First step: make better servers! :smiley: