Create ticket only where

I would like to create a ticket about Conan Coins. I’m supposed to buy 14,000 coins there, but when I create a ticket in the game I’m only directed here. Can someone help me?

I’ve tried that, but I’ll just point you here and don’t know what to do next.

Does the link I posted take you to this page?

Thank you, I submitted it

In all the ways, it goes to the same place.
But if you flood tickets of the same issue, it wont do any good.

People are reporting on answer anyways.

Mine still sitting there with over 13 hours of non reponses.

The next thing you can do about it is negative your review on the platform you have the game until the issue is resolved to “pressure change” or at least an “action” like open the verification manually to allow people to play.

But flooding tickets wont do any good. And multiple raging posts neither.

The problem is reputation.

People send in multiple tickets because you hear stories of customer service leaving tickets for weeks at a time

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