Created ticket with zendesk and they told me to go to forums so here we are

I tried to transfer my character the other night from official pvp to pvp. And everything was going fine until i was importing and then it randomly failed. I then dashboarded and when i relogged my character import now said lvl 0. I made a ticket with zendesk but they sent me an email and told me to come here and voice my complaints. So here we are. I hope something good comes of it. Can someone help a girl out lol.

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I’ve never seen anyone be told from a Zendesk ticket to come to the forum and voice complaints because thats counter-productive. No one here, even admins can help you.


For a while forum admins recommended you request help directly from them, and I did and had my broken transfer fixed. Apparently transfer is such a buggy disaster that the forum admins got overloaded and are now just sending everyone to zendesk purgatory?

Hi @Gamrgurl2007

Please make sure you select the correct option in the Request Type dropdown menu on our ticket form.
You will find Character Transfer Issues at the bottom of the list.

Also please check out this post on how to submit a character transfer issue report: How to report an issue with Character Transfers

Hope this helps!