Creating a better experience through a few small changes, and a couple of bugs we found

Enjoying the update so far but you guys need to re-evaluate some things. For instance, battle pass xp. We cover that below as well as a few bugs but here are our thoughts.


  • We’ve had the occasional thrall fall through the world, it probably happens 5-10% of the time. We didn’t experience this ever before the update. And didn’t have it at all the last couple of sessions, so maybe it’s fixed.
  • We’ve encountered the invisible body part/armor glitch like twice.
  • Illusionist Bench is in the wrong category when in building mode. It’s under building pieces, and should be under Crafting Stations.
  • If you don’t pull the souls from the sacrificial stone and then you attempt to corrupt yourself, it will reset your attributes, which you can then use to add even more attributes to your character.
  • It seems as if the collision boxes for the procedurally generated ice bridge are being misaligned. Resulting in players bouncing on the bridge as they attempt to traverse it.

Battle Pass:

We have thousands of hours in games with battle passes, obviously they are mostly shooters. We like the idea of the battle pass. It’s fresh for the game, and like other bp’s, once you unlock it, you make enough currency leveling it to purchase it again if you don’t spend your crom coins. However, but Funcom could learn a few things from other games regarding their battle pass path.

  • To maximize time in game, and recurring “purchases of the battle pass”, Battle Pass XP needs to be earned during regular play. So, keep the challenges and XP for those, and add an Adventurer XP or Exile XP.
  • Exile XP is earned through regular adventures throughout the Exiled Lands or Siptah. You could tie it to XP earned like leveling except normalize it so boosted servers can’t game the system and max their BP. This can be done through math. XP gained * server XP / server XP, results in a 1:1 experience output that can’t be tricked on the BP. That’s a basic example.
  • Keep the challenges, just don’t make those the only path to completing the battle pass. Alternatively boost the rewards for XP, maybe it’s a better item, or it could even be a portal or something that spawns thralls, stuff like that.
  • Basically, the challenges are too repetitive and boring.


Sorcery is a cool update and we’ve already found use for several spells which is a testament to the thought put into it. As is the case with all things in life, there is room for improvement, and we have opinions, like everyone.

  • Spells, and learning them should require corruption AND give corruption. That raises the incentive to corrupt your character. Although, admittedly, we haven’t made it all the way through the sorcery stuff yet.
  • Spells should require more mats. You guys put it in easy mode here. It shouldn’t cost hundreds of mats but most things should be at least 15-20. ← Could go either way on this one.
  • Wall of Fire should be stronger. It’s molten hot magma!
  • Imbue and Embed Wisp should last a bit longer and cover a larger area, at least the range of a good torch.
  • Utility spells like slow fall, Wisp, etc., should be castable on clan mates at least. That raises the incentive to have at least one very powerful sorcerer in a clan for utility purposes.
  • Speed up casting time by 25%.
  • Otherwise, we like sorcery so far. The system is cool, it takes a little getting used to when casting because I still have to read the icons. :slight_smile:


Love the new building mechanics but here are a few things that could make it better.

  • Carousel above the hot bar showing more pieces in that set.
  • Scroll the mouse wheel to either:
    • Change the selected building piece: ceiling, foundation, pillar, etc
    • Change the selected style: Storm Glass, Argossean, etc.
  • Add hot keys to swap selected building sets
    • Only applicable if scrolling the mouse wheel changes the selected building style
  • You could take the above a step further and have the name of the next style / category above and below the building hot bar so users never have to hit F if they choose not to. Tie that to a hotkey and you can swap styles on the fly as well.
  • DANGER: There is danger in that though because users could abuse it and next thing you know we have a Conan Fortnite mode. Just don’t allow people to tie specific pieces onto hotkeys and that should minimize that.
  • Reduce range of deletion
  • Add modes to deletion function
    • Confirm Mode: Asks if you want to delete that piece before deleting
    • Instant Mode: Instantly destroys the object
  • Probably should’ve left “placeables”, i,e., benches, tables, chests, etc., as actual “craftable” items, instead of making their mechanics function as regular building pieces do.

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