Creating a culture

I am seeking to create a fix community group of like minded individuals. I have my own discord and we have connections to various servers. Some of us are streamers and we love roleplay. Some of us are very close. What I am attempting to do is create a fixed group of individuals that are not afraid of getting close, caring and loving each other while enjoying the company of our various character stories.

Our Clan / group / House
Is central focused on the following environements

Slavery, after all it is conan.

Erp, while complex erp is not allowed on stream and on some servers, we do encourage the rp of it to be taken to DM’s if the scene permits it and the rp finds it appropriate and the participants are accepting of it. We have channels designated for that need or will have them at request, per environment.

Fantasy fiction.
We prefer rping on server that allow a full fantastical created character from necromancers to talking animal creatures. We have experienced and new players and are not afraid to talk and guide with you.

We are looking for people that want to part of a family and permenant placement with our group of like minded individuals that will follow us everywhere we go and be a part of our clan.

For more details or to inquire more about what we are looking for with our specific group please send me a message here or come find us At