Creating a link to a script in guild MoD?


Is there a way to add a link to a script in the guild Message of the Day?

I know how to script and put links in the chat windows but to perma link a script in the MoD I haven’t figured out. Not linking a web site but a script like the “Raid Tactics” you see others post in raid chat. Trying to keep the length of the MoD manageable but still add linkable info in a new window.


I’m pretty sure that isn’t possible. I’ve never seen/heard of it being done. :man_shrugging:

You can use html colors in MOTD… but very limited letter count and scripts can not be linked to nothing (aka need a copy on every one 's local Script folder, for it to be useful.) Maybe link to script preloaded in the guild bot. Pretty sure any links will be stripped or not saved in MoTD to prevent malicious intents.

Tested: link is saved as text but has no clickability which defeats its purpose.

Thanks all -
What I expected but thought maybe someone had a neat “cheat” to make it work. Already use html colors in MoD and as for the length of the MoD - it can be huge if you want. I did some testing and as long as you restart your MoD message from scratch, it will go on and on. But who want’s a MoD you have to scroll through :smile: