Creating content on private server

I was thinking about bringing in some RP content utilising the admin console and the DM account I have on xbox. Has anyone attempted this and what advice can you offer?

There’s actually quite a few RP servers on PC that have full on MMORPG-like experiences with quests and dungeons made by the admins. The issue you’re going to run into is you are heavily limited by what you can do without mods.

For example you could make a dungeon on an admin account. But you would have to manually refill chests and repopulate the area with NPCs (getting them to go where you want them will be a little chore, but doable). The chests will need to be refilled when someone does them. And the NPCs will not respawn when killed and will poof the moment the server is restarted.

On PC we have access to a mod called Pippi. What it allows us to do is placed down chests that refill themselves after a set period of time. Doors that can require money or items (keys) to unlock, which will relock and close themselves after a set amount of time. NPC spawners that can spawn NPCs with custom attributes such as different health and damage, exp amounts, and even have custom loot tables (so if you want one to drop a key to a door mentioned before). And then we have these objects that look like thralls, but serve as quest givers using a scripting system with branching paths to simulate quests, dialogue, and even player choices with variables and switches. Finally there is various other tools that relate to the world itself such as a sensor that detects when a player does something or the time of day. So you can have a village douse torches during the day, or have a set of switches that must be activated like a combination lock to open a door or hatch.

So my advice on this if its something you truly want to get into, you will need the Steam version of the game to truly get the RP experience you might be looking for. Otherwise you’re looking at very limited one-shot type dungeons that are very simple and have likely no dialogue unless you wish to play the GM and Narrator for each run. Which is doable of course. But takes a bit of work on your part.

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