Creating shared communal spaces on PVP servers

Hi all. I’m working on building a communal settlement in my PVP server as a sort of experiment and a way of encouraging co-operation between clans and also just to make the world more lively.

Any other players who’ve built shared spaces, have any advice or stories to share?

I’ve been using signs and notes to communicate with passersby and have share boxes open for public use. I even made my own treasure hunting quest, posted a Quest Note on a “notice board”/wall. Right now I’m working on a dance club with dance thralls to help others cure their corruption (located at Mounds of the Dead). I read that if you unequip weapons on thralls, they will not attack players during raid hours. Can I get a confirmation on this? I’d rather not cage my dancers in fences. Would love an option to make your thralls passive.

I wish there was more features for communal play, like being able to share notes/letters via trading through inventory or leaving in a “mail box.” So far, nearby clans have been friendly and have even donated to help construction and have offered protection from griefers. Since all buildings are open, I don’t imagine there will be much trouble.

How does everyone else feel about shared spaces? Players should have the option to unlock boxes in PVE/C as well right?

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The strangest thing is you can share chests in PvP, but back in time when I tryed to play PvP no one seemed interested in doing public things, not even as a way to do politics with other clans.

PvE-C is full of this kind of things and full of players doing politics with other clans but you cannot let a chest to be open by everyone :sweat_smile:

It CAN be done but I would recommend a close relationship with the alpha clan. If you have assets of value then you still have to protect them somehow on a PvP server. Community structure is just a safe place for meetings, not a warehouse.

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No offense intended, in the PvP realm you’re doing something even fairly peaceful players will find objectionable. Corruption is a gameplay element that needs to be either dealt with individually by taking thralls, or in a group setting by going to Set City and chilling with the C Man himself. Alternatively, my favorite is sniping Entertainment from other players’ injudiciously-placed dancers.

What I’m saying is, even if you’re doing RP, such styles of community on PvP can often cause friction. Also, people will automatically assume you are wealthy. And eventually RP bases always lead back to a home base, cache or vault. On my peaceful server, your dancer would be enslaved by another player in approximately 1.5 minutes.

About the closest I’ve seen personally to this is a well stocked map room. We have one on our server I built with several dancers, a fridge, large campfire, etc (all the traveling essentials). And I often find people depositing and taking what they need.

But shared “living” areas are just a recipe for disaster on PVP.

It seemed to me that Pippi mod had no-battle zones but I’m not sure about it.

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