Creatures and Thralls everywhere

Hello there Funcom.
Thank you for a wonderful game. I just want to say that i would love if you guys take in consideration for your next step the creatures. All humans characters are looking awesome and they have very nice animations but im sorry to say that the creatures look like they are made from plastic and they have almost no animations. They just teleport all over the place, sometimes they move without even moving their legs they just slither or they float. I know that they are a lot of stuff u cannot do because of the server performance but you will help a lot if you guys just start to clean up all the thralls and creatures are left behind by players all over the map. You guys brought a lot of DLCs and ty for that (i know they bring you some extra money) but maybe you will concentrate on this topic next time please.
Thank you.

Artists (responsible for the bulk of DLC stuff) are not the ones debugging, those are programmers. DLCs require minimal implementation but lots of work done by people not responsible for fixing bugs.

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