Creatures & Gods ohhhhh and Thralls

G’day all, I have been playing on official server#901 and since the latest update I have noticed a distinct lack/reduction of creatures including rhino’s, elephants and spiders on the server. Some other things that I have noticed, when ever I try to harvest with the Yog cleaver and Hoarfrost Axe I don’t receive the ice shards or sanctified flesh. The last thing I noticed, I have a few archers defending my base but each time I try to equip them with weapons for some reason they put them into their pack (not sure its called that) and don’t attack as the used to.

Also feathers??? I cant for the life of me find them… But I might not be looking in the right areas.

Really like what you have done with the skill and feats BTW.

I think feathers are going to be a drop from the birds in the Swungle. Did you try the ostriches by “The Summoning Place” (Main Dafari camp in the desert)?

Find Vulture nests in the Desert area. In the north, the winged creatures in the east have feathers in their nests. I only have found eggs in the Ostrich nests. The Darfari have a farm for them not far from the Summoning Place.

*I have also noticed a reduction in creatures in the wild but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I’ve noticed that now creatures will spawn correctly within certain areas. Such as the high desert used to be crawling with hyena. Now the hyena are in packs in certain areas. They might need to tweak the spawn rates a bit but I think it’ll be better this way in the long run.

*The Yog cleaver and the other religious items are currently bugged. So unless you’re an admin or in single player you’ll have to get by without them until release.

*The thralls behave a little differently since the update. You place a weapon or shield in their inventory and leave it there. When a hostile creature comes into the thrall’s range they will equip the weapon/shield and begin combat. When the enemy is dead they put the weapons back into their inventory. There’s no need to force the weapon into their hands as they handle that in their own now.

*Feathers can be obtained by using the new skinning knife on ostriches and I believe from the other birds you’re able to kill.

Hope that helps!