Creatures Not Turning While Dashing

Still present in the Testlive, but a bug that’s been around for a good few patches, when animals do any sort of dash attack (Rhino, Elephant, Frost Giant, etc.) they go straight forward regardless of where the target is.
All of these creatures used to turn slowly towards the target, making it more difficult to dodge the attacks, but now a simple sidestep thwarts the entire attack.

Before these changes any feline-like creature that would leap at the target (sabretooth, lion, jaguar, all them cats) would also turn in the air to hit the target but that’s no longer present, which is good, but I think the changes to their leaps affected creatures that needed the turn for the sake of accuracy.

Some examples -

and Frost Giant:

All of this was done on testlive, singleplayer, no mods.

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