Crevice (vista) spawns changed? broken?

I’ve been camping the Crevice (in the Jungle) for 4 days now. I’m killing every spawn every 15 minutes or so on an alt I have staked out there. NOT A SINGLE Named thrall has spawned.

Has something been changed? Is the spawn broken? Anyone have a clue?

Bad luck and the fact that these 2 spots spawn random thralls is not helping your case:

  • It took me 53 tries in singleplayer to get a T4 on this one position. Pretty sure it is possible for the one on the right as well:

EDIT: The second position wasn’t a lucky one for me, at 253 tries got a t4 cook, at 73 tries got a t4 smelter again.

I would say, you have better chances at getting an useful t4 at pagoda than here. You have a fixed spawn for bearer and cook though so if you are after these 2, then you can keep hunting here and hope for the best.


Many named spawns have as low as a 1% chance to spawn. My advice is to keep trying, and look in more areas. Perseverance pays off, just gotta be patient.


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