Game mode: DEV KIT
Type of issue: CRITICAL BUG
Server type: DEV KIT
Region: ANY

There is a CRITICAL BUG with the current version of the devkit. All newly created placeables based on BPMasterPlaceables generate the “overlapping with another object or terrain”. This occurs even when creating a new mod.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Create a new mod in the dev kit
  2. Create a new item table and set it up to merge it into ItemTable
  3. Create a new BP based on BP Master Placeables
  4. Add any valid SM to the BP
  5. Run the game and use the admin screen to summon and instance of the new item
  6. Try to place the item

This generates the “overlapping with another object or terrain” error in all existing and new mods I have tried in the dev kit.

Do you have graphics set to ultra? Try settings graphics to low end laptop mode and see if you can then place. Xo

Hi @Appellomancer, we’ll forward this matter to our team so that they can attempt to reproduce the issue, thank you for reporting it.

Unable to reproduce the issue with the given instructions. Placeable creation has been working fine for a very long time, I make them every day.

Hey there,

It sounds like you have something wrong with the options on the mesh, but I’m personally not a modder.

You’re welcome to join the modding discord, listed here:

You are able to find guides on modding through the discord’s pinned messages (mainly in the tips-and-tricks channel). Most of these are also (linked) on the wiki:

Make sure your mods are succesfully cooked, without any updates to the base game being made in the background. Disable all other mods while testing out your own and test your mod in single-player.

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