[Critical Bug][Xbox One X] Game shuts down console when opening a chest

I would love a quick fix too but devs have holidays too, so I don’t expect them back to business until beginning of next week.

This game is available on the Xbox Live game pass at the moment.
Sadly the opening chests crash bug is preventing me from making any meaningful progress.

Some influential youtubers have been showcasing this game (albeit on PC) raising its profile. such a shame this major issue ruins the enjoyment.

its been almost a month since the bug was raised. I’d have thought this would be a priority…

It’s pretty disappointing it’s still not been fixed. I think it’s a fairly small team and the game is awesome but it really could have used another month of QA/bug testing as it is riddled with problems that even basic testing ought to have picked up.

I’ve just shelved it for now, fingers crossed I can pick it back up at some stage in the next couple of months.

I totally can comprehend this. I was pointed to the game by the praise of WindowsCentral and the fact it was already on Game Pass. Even I experience the bug every time I like it so much that I save before a chest, then hard reset the Xbox, Turn it on again and then open the chest. At least for me it allows me to open one chest a time. I even was lucky with some weapon chests that did not cause the shutdown but it is more random, so I do the above procedure for every chest. Reached level 42 with this method.

Hello there, I’m playing on a regular One X, having the same problem as everybody else. My console has always had a temperamental blower fan, constantly adjusting its speed according to the load the GPU has.
As far as I can tell, right before the console shut itself down, there is a sudden fan spin up, like a quick burst.
So, it is very well possible that inside the gpu there is an overload that instantly raise the temperatures above the safety threshold and thus the console shut itself down, as the raise is so sudden that the thermal dissipation system cannot react fast enough.
I have also the strong suspect that the overload is caused by the smoke effect that happens when a player opens the chests and I bet that removing said effect will solve the problem.

I can confirm that hitting the Xbox button when opening a chest mitigates the issue. I did have the problem in combat when killing a med bot (High Road). So yet more credence to the ‘effects’ being the cause I would say. We need this fix though as keep dropping into the main Xbox menu ruins the surprise effect of opening chests and therefore some of the immersion IMO.

That said, I’m back playing and enjoying the came for now!

discovered that:

  1. A silent weapon for each team member is essential
  2. I hate shamans
  3. I hate med bots more
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How you have to time the button press?

I hit the ‘A’ button then immediately hit the main Xbox button.

Already tested it out before I was able to read your response. And it works!!! Many thanks for this workaround. :ok_hand::+1:

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I’ve given up, it feels like they’ve abandoned the console versions. You can workaround this bug by pressing the Xbox guide button just after you press A to open the chest.

It’s a great game but the number of bugs is awful and the lack of patches would have me demanding a refund by now if I wasn’t fortunate enough to have Game Pass.

Lets bring this thread up again :slight_smile:

I received an Xbox One X Scorpio Edition replacement today and game does not crash when open chests anymore.

I have not tried Mutant Year Zero for a week now, but the game have not received any patches lately?

It wasn’t every chest that crashed the game for me but maybe they patched it (or you’ve got a lucky console that isn’t susceptible to the overheat bug).

Game repaired?

The answers from the developers will be? Хboх community no longer interests you?

We have not abandoned the console versions, but at the moment we don’t have a specific ETA for this particular bug. We understand that it’s frustrating, and I hate to be the bearer of bad news.

It’s been over 4 months for a game-breaking bug so yeah I’d say abandoned is pretty accurate to be honest. I appreciate that you’re only the messenger Jens but you guys should be ashamed/embarrassed about how poor the console support has been.

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Nearly another 2 months, any update?

Do you have issues to re-create the bug or what is the issue? Ever tried to disable the particle effects to look if the gfx is the root cause?