Critical changes needed

Sorry for the English, I’m not an American.

Well I’ll try to put some modifications, which I believe to be extremely important for the game, but funcom seems to ignore with an impressive determination, I do not expect you to agree or disagree this decision is up to you, I will just point out the necessary points for improvement, no less than urgent, which in fact are not basic and are critical and can make the game 100x better.

(For all game modes)

1- Prevent players from having the same name on the same server, we all know that even mobile games prevent this from happening, for a very logical reason, which is to avoid problems with the player’s reputation, nor does it help to say that the name stean is different, because new players take a long time to figure it out.

Solution: an update should request new names on each server when logging in, players could put the same names, repeated cases would be alerted, as names in use and would not be allowed on that server.

2- Create a network connection monitoring tool that would show company employees with audible alerts, when their servers were locked or pinged 1020, which happens constantly in Latin American servers, (I don’t know Americans) taking into account that it is humanly impossible to monitor so many official servers, I as a systems analyst, I believe that only a panel with audible alert could serve this purpose.

3- Graphical optimization of maps for greater stability of FPS, thinking about sharing the general map with portal maps which could make loading much better and a buffer possibly more efficient: EX: Guild wars 2

(For PVE)

1- Increase the minimum construction distance between foundation blocks of bases from the current 30 to 200.

Advantages of greater distance:

1.1 - It would prevent hecatombs from being diverted on purpose to neighboring bases, which already happens.

1.2 - Prevent access paths to bases from being blocked by other players.

1.3 - Prevent the need to build long sandstone walls

solely to prevent unwanted constructions, which would result in a much cleaner map.

1.4 - It would avoid constructions made solely to confront and provoke other players (An urgent need in view of the number of trols in the game)

1.4 - Prevent the construction of bases around boss spots and rare animals.

(For the PVP)

1- Modification of the clan system, highly needed in pvp because alone you are a hen running against 5 tigers no matter how equipped you are, you must be part of a clan, but the option to share your items with other players is at least dangerous, it is useless to say that you will find relatives of trust, because not everyone has this option, all games on the planet distinguish items from the player and the clan, so here we have this aberration.

2 - Modify so that there is an option to build for the clan or in solo mode.

3 - Give the option at the entrance of the clan the option of donating or not the bases to the clan.

4 - Give option of locked personal chests that could only be on a personal basis, even if you are part of a clan.

Well there is my legacy, I hope it is well used, if you want you can criticize as you always do, at least I did my part to try to make a fantastic game like conan, in something that it really is, and not the toxic environment that it has been, for not having mechanisms as simple as those described above, most already have mechanics in the game, they just need to be adjusted.

Conclusion: Use these tips wisely, it’s free I’m not even getting a DLC to pay for writing this message, and these modifications can prevent many players from leaving the game.

I embrace the community, and I embrace the funcom team.

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