Croc Lreadned Shadow Clone Jutsu

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Region: U.S.A.

There are two points along the Great Noob River as my people like to call it where what looks like 1 croc turns into 4 when you approach. Is this supposed to happen?

They are on the north bank of the river. Can’t think of the exact spot at the moment.


It always happens to me. The corner at the river that turns north has more than that. Online private and solo, no mods.

They are in F4 and I/J5. See




I see that happening there too. Well I never saw one crocodile turn into four, but when going there there is just one on river bank, I always assume the others came out of the woods. :\

On my private modded server it is the same as with the OP, there is one crocodile that splits up into four individual crocs when you approach it. The same happened on my old private unmodded server.

Freaks out the newbies :joy:

What does lreadned shadow and the jutsu mean?

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I do not know about the lreadned, but Shadow Clone Jutsu is the art of replicating oneself :wink:

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