*CROM!* desperately needs an overhaul!

I think part of info is lost on this, Before North was Unlocked, The Ghost wall you be found thru Tunnels going North. And there was Ghosts who would show up on other side.
Game Play Wise, we all share same bracelet.
I’m pretty sure there likely multi variants. Those of Witch Queen, and those of Giant Kings.

How they got to North thou…is what kinda messes it up.

I also assume, 5 guys went north, meet another 5… and then another group and formed New Asgard.
By Time we got there, the borders and rules have been set and trust with other groups fell thru, They then decide to murder all who come there.


There are no aspects to Crom in game.
The only aspect is an utter and complete lack of aspect except for name drops on some gear.
Which is amusing at best.
One could say that the gods all being false in the Exiled Lands and their pseudo Religions being about what the followers expect out of their gods means that any rational follower of Crom expects nothing from him and thus there is nothing in game.
Unfortunately, that is not internally consistent.
No sane follower of Mitra would offer the fruits of murder up to their god and expect anything but condemnation. Furthermore, it is extremely well known that Mitra rankles at the worship of other gods, especially Set. So with the psycho-drama model, serving Set would bar service to Mitra.
Instead, all we have are that the religions present in the Exiled Lands are a particular form of blood sorcery. Exchange the death of a human for power from beyound. That the mystic then shapes into whatever form based on the configuration of the magic station and tools used.

In that case, having a sorcerer who crafts Crom trademarked gear at their sorcery station and summons an angry shadow from a volcanic eruption shaped engine of destruction is entirely consistent with invoking a “Mitra” avatar using the harvest of slaughter while packing a quiver of snakes in the form of arrows.

If they want to include an atheist option. Let them.
But stop labeling it as Crom. It’s disingenuous.
REH said it best in this regard tho…
“I have known many gods. He who denies them is as blind as he who trusts them too deeply.”
But again, the Exiled Lands are not full of the best and brightest the Hyborian Age had to offer.
And some drooling idiot who denies the obvious is fine fodder for being press ganged into Toth-Amons excavation camp.

This one must note… The drooling idiot comment is in regards to atheists in a fantasy world where the divine is obvious and somewhat pervasive. This one does not judge beliefs in the waking world. Unless those beliefs are actively and directly hostile towards this one… But that has nothing to do with this topic.


To build on this, we know that Thoth-Amon understands how to mess with the bracelets.
It is entirely possible that he press ganged different groups into different areas early on. With the not unreasonable assumption that people would function better in the environs they are accustomed to.

Of course, the problem with that is that if they are too accustomed to that environment, they may just plop down and say good enough, and not bother looking for a way out.
Hence our resident evil wizard saw his earlier batch of diggers stop digging and settle down.
Time for Plan B.
Take everyone from everywhere and throw them all into the same mess and take down the reraised dividing walls. The pervasive racism and other sundry hostility of the Hyborian Age will shake things up and remind everyone that they are not just locked in a cage, but locked in a cage with numerous people whom they have mutual ancestral grudges against.

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I think thats likely what happen, Sepimururauauauauaua (or how thats spelt) is one of few Mixed People areas. Sounds like alot of people stayed to digging, other took chance to run off and be themselves.

Also if I remember right, alot of Kings etc, Sent people there thanks to Thoth Amon anyway. Not all sent to get treasure, some clearly sent to be rid of them.

You gotta wounder how Cimm and Barga got there in such large group.

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From what this one recalls of the in game chats, Braga awoke on the cross and was released by someone who didn’t survive the desert.

He found his own people in the North, but they’re adled.
This one knows many people who deserve better but have chained themselves to truely wretched examples of humanity. In this case, his bonds to his people (fellow Cimmerians) blind him to the fact that all parties would be better if they parted.
He would not have an anchor around his neck, and they could continue Frost Giant worshipping and thinking they are dead uninterrupted.

The point being I think the people at the Mounds were there when he got there. He traveled quite a bit before settling.

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Oh thats Right, shemite cut him from cross and stepped on something later, and died in cave to west of salt flats.

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You’ve stumbled upon the snowglobe theory once again. Many of the “gods” we can summon aren’t real gods, they’re siege weapons in a facsimile of a god.

If the snowglobe theory is to be believed and Nyarlathotep is pulling all the strings, including masquerading as all the gods; it’s possible the absence of anything Crom would actually be a sign Crom is the most powerful of the gods. He’s strong enough to cut through the illusion and deny his likeless being falsely used in the exiled lands.

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i have stated this multiple times as well. So having Crom items doesnt break woth the games logic. So +1 like from me.

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But that leaves the question of would he care?
And if he did care, and was powerful enough to meddle, why wouldn’t he inflict disaster as is his typical want when stirred to action?

While this one is not entirely sold on it being the machinations of the Crawling Chaos (there are a few much lower grade possibilities in play, and this one hates to jump to the top of the pile), at least not directly…
This one is definitely firmly in the Snowglobe camp.
Which is almost explicitly called out by that nice Frost Giant, as well as more subtly by several others.

Which, honestly, makes the prison movie aspect of the game all the more enticing.
Truely, who would want to be awake when they can be a ruler of surpassing power in their dreams, commanding even gods. What is real compared to what is wish fulfillment.
A delicious conundrum.

I don’t understand why you want an enhancement of Crom when he does nothing for his worshippers and doesn’t listen. It doesn’t make sense…
They can add more interesting things, new dlc, other gods, but not this…

If the devs wanted people to be able to play the game fully without the religious trappings why would they bake in the religious journey steps?


Do not even get this one started!

However… it is somewhat hopeful isn’t it?
Without the final boss, the game is obviously still not finished. It keeps hope alive that more content between the bookends will be added.
So this one does not rage too much.

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You realize of course that Crom isn’t listening.
It’s a shame we’re forced to choose some deity.
So that’s why I usually select Crom because I don’t have to build anything for it and I don’t have to sacrifice anything to it.

Welcome back Vahlock, always good to see a familiar face return. Although it is equally as pleasant to bid a warm welcome a new one.

Of course.

And you can do that with any and of the gods as it stands right now. Just because you select a god that does not mean you are obligatted to role play a devoted zealot, or partake in shrine building, harvesting substances to produce manifestations of zeal, or summoning gods. Thus you can make a conscious decision to play in that way no matter which god you select at the character creation screen.

But I do wonder, if perhaps it is this which most bothering you…

And with this point I wholeheartedly agree with you! There should be a true ‘athiest’ option for members who do not wish to participate in the game’s religion system. Juxtaposed to creating a false narrative that Crom, who is a god and who is a religion followed by the entire nation of Cimmeria, is somehow a no god, no religion option. That narrative is self-contradicting and feels disingenuous to me, and it would be more practical to add a No Religion option.

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Well! 4 years into the future and they have finally listened :slight_smile:
He has something now… COINS! :coin: lol

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What seems most bothersome to me (if at all), is lack of a choice to choose no god from the present lineup. At least that one other possible choice.
However in being able to make that choice is not a declaration of Atheism since that of itself is a belief system.
There must be a history somewhere in time before memory, where gods didn’t exist in some ancient cultures.

You’d probably have to get into a whole philosophical discussion about what constitutes consciousness (of self). Then you can discuss whether a culture without sufficiently advanced language to transmit their ideas could qualify as having gods or a religion - and it only gets murkier from there.

Probably worship in some form existed prior to ‘modern man’ even evolving though. It’s one of the few constants of all ancient cultures (that we know of) to have or have had belief in gods, spirits or what have you.