Crom raid progression

@ Mori 3 days a go I told you Ethram will be killed very soon hopefully.

March 17th 2018 Legends killed it


Grats :smiley:

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Congratz! :champagne:

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Grats, now you can look forward to years of farming T6 on your alts :sob:

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Knights of Avalon killed Lurker at the Threshold on 14 Mar 2019


It was more like KoA and friends, so tnx everyone who helped us (and crossed fingers :wink:). It was great fun :slightly_smiling_face:

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Good Job :slight_smile:

Khosatral Khel | Rhakana and Friends FINALLY killed Ethram-Fal!
Thanks to my dedicated raidforce - you are the best!
22.05 UTC 2100


Grats :clap:

Congratulations Kant, Khostral Khel, Rhakana and friends. May this be the first of many.

Gratz to the raidforce especially for your power of endurance

Congrats Kant!

topic is kinda dead and its sad that we dont have new guild/kills (
so let`s add some life here )
DreamTeam OPR t5 killed

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Yep it was nice one! I think we did it for less than an hour this week, too :slight_smile:

guess it was exactly an hour :smiley:

Boss kill times and full clear times would have been fun to track back in the day when many guilds were still around. Nowdays, the numbers that still do T6 are much diminished.

Once we cleared in 55 minutes :slight_smile:

Which guild do t5 runs today?

Gave the Minions a weekend off from T5 and we got our first guild T6 boss kill on the Yothians last night.

Grats Minions as well as our friends Eely, Honey, Kil, Verrada and Frank that joined in and helped out … Thank you.