Croms Will. Brand new PvP PS4 Server


Hello everyone,

We are looking for players for our brand new PS4 Server named Croms Will. Starting date: 07.01.2020. EU based, but everyone is welcome.


  • Anytime PvP and Building Damage (Thralls are always active)
  • But Building Damage Taken greatly reduced. (Not Doors)
  • No Base Wiping
  • Reduced Ressource and NPC Spawn Rates, to encourage wandering the world.

If you are intersted, read ahead.

It will be a pvp server with some unique settings to have fun in pvp, have well earned progression (no instant harvest and crafting), but also to scare away any toxic players. What we looking for are players that like pvp and can take a loss, but also want it to be “fair”. For that damage to buildings is very low. Doors however will take normal damage, so it is perfectly possible to snitch in a base, but very hard to wipe a base (it is not allowed to wipe anyway). I’m hoping for a friendly and mature community, any form of grieving will not be tolerated. There is also a save place at the beginning river. No base-raiding is allowed there. PvP is though.

If you want to join or have any suggestions please leave it here and join our PS4 Community “Croms Will”.

This server will last as long someone is playing, so it will not vanish from one day to another.

The server rules are as followed:

  • Raiding:
    • No Base Wiping
    • You are not allowed to destroy unlocked containers, workbenches.
    • Try to minimize other players thrall kills.
    • It is not allowed to kill crafter thralls.
  • PVP:
    • You can kill players on sight
    • Loss of inventory
  • Stealing:
    • It is allowed to steal everything apart from thralls in working places. (It is only allowed to steal them from wheels)
  • Safeplace:
    • The beginning area is a safe place (around the starter river), no base raiding is allowed there.
    • Normal PvP is also allowed in the safeplace.

Some server settings:

  • Players and NPC take a little less damage (25% less damage)
  • Ressource respawn is way lowered, to encourage players wander the world. (ten times slower)
  • Same with NPC Respawn (six times slower)
    I hope that this will lead to more fighting over some ressources and npc places.
  • Thralls and pets converting faster (double)
  • Building damage is lowered. (ten times less damage)
  • Harvesting yields 50% more
  • You don’t gain much XP for crafting and harvesting, leveling through kills is faster though (double).
  • -Purges are on and on level 6, so better be prepared when settling in higher level regions.
  • Avatars are off for now.
  • 20 player slots (will be raised if needed)

Some advice for our server:

  • Because of slow ressource respawn, look out for base locations, that have plenty of stone and wood near by.
  • Don’t place working stations near doors, so they don’t get destroyed accidentally.
  • Don’t lock your containers that are safe. If someone is able to get in your base he will be able to destroy your chest anyway. If they are unlocked no one is allowed to throw bombs at them.
  • Don’t place unlocked chest and working stations behind windows or directly behind thin walls. Other players will have access otherwise.
  • Don’t start in higher level regions, if you are not experiences, or the purge will get you.

If you are intersted we welcome you on our new server. Please join the Ps4 Community named “Croms Will”

Best regards,