Crouching (dumb question)

Ok this is not a glitch (or maybe it is?)
what’s the purpose of crouching?
Decreasing the range of view of enemies? Because it doesn’t change a bit to me trying to being stealthy, they are alerted in the same exact way (running into them is basically the right decision to get’em surprised).
So is the sneaking/crouching a future implementation (?), is it a non-functioning feature or is it simply a useless animation?


Only thing I use it for is passing through doors that, through an accident of terrain, I couldn’t otherwise pass through.

I’ve occasionally used crouch to get the full shelter buff out in the wild when a sandstorm is coming before I could make a sandstorm mask.


Yes Mikey but I don’t think that the “main plain” of the game itself was to add a function (panic button?) to avoid terrain deformities, or well… at least I hope it wasn’t :slight_smile:

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Yes, that too. Forgot about that, but I have done it on occasion.

I don’t think so either, really.

Yep but again Kwalya, creative use you made ok (often you simply need to walk a couple of footsteps and get full shelter even if the structure seem not to grant it, I think the sheltering issue is not completely ok) but are we really speaking about the fact that a main command has not a really functional use?
Or, again, is the detecting/stealth AI glitched and so the sneak throughout the camp of enemies (as Razma suggests too in her… maybe letter nr 2, the one behind the sentinels) is glitched?

I think crouching was intended to serve some purpose, but it simply hasn’t been implemented, apart from ducking behind rocks to sneak around enemies, since if you crouch behind a rock right in front of an enemy, they don’t see you. It has zero use in PvP though, unless you somehow luckily use it to dodge an arrow coming at your face.

My experience (playing since day one even in all glitching majesty) is that staying 5 feet (e.g) in front of an enemy standing or crouching, rock or no rock, bush or no bush it doesn’t change a bit.
And I mean anything.
IF (and I underline “if”) the purpose of the crouchin’ is not ready (in a full price game? same old argument going on ok…), why releasing DLCs with a not operative full command game?
I’d like to have an official answer, because freethoughts could lead to severe and hard opinions, many of those involving a perception of dishonesty (that many many of us already feel).

And this lead also to other considerations: how can I expect to have stability and improvement IF (the underlined if) not even the basic commands are working?

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I had the same question in mind for a while. In my opinion, it will increase furtivity when the game is finalized. But an answer from the developpers wouldn’t be a bad thing !

I think I know what you mean, but for the record: this game has been “finalized” ie a full game since May.

That said, I don’t know that there’s necessarily a point in looking for any deeper meaning in the “crouch” feature: it’s no more incomplete than the “jump” feature. They both do what you’d expect them to. While the latter is of course much more useful, they both do roughly the same thing: modify the way you move, with no usage in combat.

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I know, but some updates are on the way, like pets and sorcellery. Why not crouching ? Not that it would be the main object of the update, and that doesn’t mean it’s guaranted, but who knows ? :slightly_smiling_face:
Interesting what you said about jumping and crouching.

Well Mikey, while sometimes jumping can be useful, what’s the point of crouching since you do not sneak under anything (unless is game-broken) and you do not increase your sneaking?
Well I know that there are no stealth kills, not a tenchu game ok… but what’s the sense of crouching?

As, for example, what the sense of many ghost?
Velstad ruins just to mention one: you arrive in this old circle and you slowly follow the ghost of a bear (!) thinking:
“wow what’s the story behind this bear? Where is he going?”.
Ok it goes to the same secret box, but the problem is that this box is not contestualized and produces random absurd loot, as the majority of all boxes; kill the giant snake under Nameless city, open the chest and get… bones and stones? Why should anyone bother trying to explore for boxes if they have no sense?
I dont want to have epic armors or strong thing but just give a sense to many things (you follow the ghost of a bear and you find , I don’t know, a magic bear fur that produces more than usual furs… do not know just saying).

So many things seems to be implied with no reason and that is sad to my eyes, I think we players believe in this game WAY MORE than devs do.

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Whatever you want it to be. I guess what I’m saying is “does there have to be one?”. It’s just a nice little feature that occasionally comes in handy. You’re blowing it way out of proportion.

Bah… if you say so… they could insert the defecation button, you know… why not?
(Always remembering that game itself props that crouching improves hiding and it is not true)

Don’t give them ideas :laughing: ARK: Survival Evolved had that and I hated it, I hope that’s one thing this game won’t ever add, sure it’s realistic, but it’s also rather annoying in a game.

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