Crud, one More Conan Server.. Savage Wildlands PVP/PVE come explore the new map

Crud one More Conan Server
Good day every one, we just wanted to try out Savage Wildlands so we started this server, if you like to try it out stop by.

If you want to RP that is up to you, other then that not a RP server.

Rates are at 5.

Max lev is 300.
Relaxed server for people that want to play and have the option for PVP

You can run around with 10 Thralls at one time, place them right next to each other. more dances for the dancers. You earn your points/gold silver and copper no Real money for points.

The Age of Calamitous

Unlock Plus (with Pickup)
Better Thralls
Pippi - User & Server Management -
Less Building Placement Restrictions

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