Cry Havoc! 2.0 RP/PVP x2 exp and harvest
US server hosted in Central Time Zone
No raid time limits.
Event log is off for everyone.

  1. Cry Havoc! is an RP /PVP server. Please keep character and clan names rp friendly. If you aren’t sure if your name is ok, PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF CROM ASK SOMEONE HERE . Avoid anything contemporary or having to do with genitalia. You know, that common sense thing. If this is something that you are fighting, This is not the server for you. Unacceptable named characters will have to recreate to continue playing on this server, consequently losing all of their progress. No one will make you rp if you don’t want to, just be respectful of ongoing RP if you happen across it in the world.

  2. Please help keep the server running smoothly by avoiding unnecessary building clutter. We won’t impose a hard limit on this unless we have to.

  3. This is very much a PVP server! Steal, raid, murder to your heart’s content, but beware! Players will likely band together to visit vengeance on anyone running rampant. Actions can (and should!) have consequences. Keep in mind the RP aspect of this server! People are here to build, explore, and develop stories too. The server won’t be fun if no one is playing, so please steer your PVP interactions with that in mind. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t kill a passerby or ambush someone hunting in your favorite spot if that’s your thing. It means consider taking advantage of RP potential in those situations too!

  4. In game conflicts are to be resolved via in game methods when at all possible! RP and PVP your grievences! There will be zero admin intervention in conflicts (unless it threatens the spirit of the server) or due to game crashes or bugs.

  5. Don’t be an @$$hole. You can rp an @$$hole (and PLEASE DO! I love a good antagonist!). Toxic players will be invited to seek exile elsewhere. Raiding and murdering is not toxic! If you feel someone is griefing you, find allies! There are plenty of folks here that love helping the underdog.

  6. And lastly, possibly the most important rule, If you aren’t having fun here, find a server that better suits your play style. If you don’t find enjoyment in getting revenge and defending what’s yours, then don’t put yourself through it! We love having more players to fight and ally with, but I don’t want anyone to waste their time. I mean that sincerely.

Our community is growing slowly, but we’d love some new faces. Come check us out.

Been part of this server for a while now. 10/10 so far. People are great and offer help. Admins active and does no fishy stuff. Come join the fun :slight_smile:

We are running x3 Exp til Monday morning! come join us! As always, check out our discord for our very few rules.

x3 Weekend Join us :smiley:

extending x3 exp til weds morning for the new folks who joined this weekend!

Made some adjustments. Now x2 harvesting and exp. Event log is off for everyone, and reduced effort to fill purge meter by 15%.

Did some clutter clearing, plenty of wide open spaces to claim! Come join us.

been having fun on the server when i am able to.

lots of room to make bases.

Friendly people as always.