Crystal Chandeliers!

Crystal Decorations

Crystal is a very underused resource in Conan, and I think that needs to change. With only 5 actual items to use it on ( Map room, salt, glass, radium gem, and dragonpowder) it could be nice to get a few more items to build, especially with the potential it has in its beauty.
Here are a few suggestions I’ve come up with that I would like to see.

Crystal Chandeliers
Crystal goblets
Crystal candleholders
Crystal mirror
Crystal jewelry
Crystal vases
Crystal throne
Crystal skulls
Crystal window
Crystal weapons
Crystal tools
Crystal crown
Crystal ball
Crystal shards (shards can be used in a catapult bomb as shrapnel.)

I hope you, funcom can use some of these ideas to better our builds.
Thx for your time, and peace out.


awesome Idea bro I’m adding it to my list also

Glass arrow tips high penetration low damage?


(image: A ruthless Harrison Ford pushes Shia LaBeouf towards the Crystal Skull. Poor Shia lost his career and possibly his sanity).

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