CTD after removing thrall from station [#287106/28960]

I’ve had three crashes since the latest snapshot after removing a thrall from its slot. Following is the type of crash that I managed to replicate.

  1. Insert thrall into station.
  2. Remove again.
  3. Click any recipe.
  4. Observed: Fatal error.
    Closing and reopening the crafting window after (2) does not help. Restarting session does prevent crash. Nothing is lost after crash.
    Tested station/thrall types: Improved carpenters bench with carpenter, improved armorers bench with armorer, improved alchemist station with alchemist.
    (Siptah, single player)

Testlive-client or normal one ?
Do you use some mods ?

How related is the snapshot you mentioned to the crash ? (Steam snap or other overlay ?)

Will this occur also with a new test-save (game) ?

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The separate install, no mods…

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