Cultist of Dagon thrall reverts to invisible, 100 HP "Performer" with items missing

Game mode: Single-player
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: Local

A “Cultist of Dagon” enthralled on the island (accompanies “The Watcher Above”) and brought back to base on the main map has become invisible, has HP reduced to 100, is missing all icons for inventory (although some worn items still display on the Inventory maquette), and had its name changed to “Performer.”

I know you have had some problems with this bug on some other thrall types, such as the Relic Hunters, so you should be familiar with the issue.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Take a mini wheel of pain to the island where The Watcher Above waits with a Cultist of Dagon.
  2. Kill TWA, and knock out CoD. Convert CoD on the wheel, place thrall in inventory, and return to main map.
  3. Place CoD as a “guarding” thrall and equip with armor and weapons.
  4. On restarting the game, the Culltist of Dagon will become an invisible, 100 HP “Performer” with missing inventory items.

One time, I used the Pickup mod to pick it up and place it again, in which case it regained its visibility, name, and HP, but lost its inventory except for a new set of default rough clothing. I re-equipped it, but on game restart the same thing happened again. I will leave it alone until fixed now, since it is carrying some legendary and dyed stuff.


Not really a bug when building a wheel of pain in the sunken City isn’t actually possible to do without the assistance of mods. Unless I understand incorrectly of the location.

No, MultiGun, Pickup was actually mentioned in the OP.

Mazinga, as a first time poster, welcome !

This board is specifically for discussion about issues that relate directly to the base game. Sponsored by Funcom, moderated by Funcom and official responses generated by Funcom. You will find quite a few mentions of mods, but they mostly are ‘do you use mods?’.

Mods and modders add to the game and are intensly dedicated to contributing to the enjoyment of others by adding flavor that they have the knowledge and expertise to generate. Unfortunately, they operate at a disadvantage. Access to the game changes are delayed, they do not have immediate access to new updates and most of the time, new releases, and are denied access to the DLC content.

Given those, and other, restrictions, the modders do the best they can with what they have. You may have inadvertently run into a form of those restrictions. A wheel of pain should never be able to be placed within an instance (not an exact term, I admit, ‘dungeon’?).

If you have that, I tend to agree with MG above and would ask if you can replicate the ‘bug’ in an unmodded game, either in solo or online?

If so, you may have discovered a valid bug and the report will be investigated by Funcom. If not, you may be dealing with an anomaly in one of the mods and need to determine which one and send a report to the author.



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Hey there,

This is intended, as the Cultists of Dagon are not supposed to be thralled. If using mods that allow this, it’s not uncommon to see this effect you reported.

It’s possible to knock out a Cultist of Dagon on the island and then drag him back to the boat, so you can use a wheel of pain in the “real world” to break the thrall. And as reported by the OP, after next restart the thrall turns into a bugged 100 hp “entertainer”.

The same happens if you admin-spawn a Watcher Above or Captain Below as a thrall and place them into the world - after next restart they turn into 100 Hp bugged entertainers. As those guys are not intended to be thralled (and they don’t take stun damage anymore, although the regular Cultists still do), I assumed this to be an intended safeguard against possible exploiters.

EDIT: Aaand confirmed by Ninjasis.

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