Cults and Kingdoms - New RP server with 66 player slots and 6x gather/XP. Seeking players interested in light to medium RP (New and seasoned players welcome)

Cults and Kingdoms is seeking members for a new RP server! Composed of light to medium RP with admin run dungeons. As the player base grows we hope a rich, in-depth narrative will form with the use of player-ran cities, kingdoms, covenants and factions. We wish to give all the players as much freedom as possible while still maintaining a fair and balanced experience. We hope to encourage respectful RP and raiding with the help of a reputation and honor system. Join our discord! zQC3JwC . Our server has 66 player slots, 6X Gather/XP, and loot is kept on death.

Hello, I’ve ran across your server a few times and was wondering if there are updates following the world? I run a clan of three and was also wondering if your server would mind taking us in?