Curio Cabinet server load

So I was recently experiencing loads of rubberbanding at my base. I’m in the middle of remodeling it and reducing the foundational footprints to make it a teleporter storage station and I was using curio cabinets since they have nice storage potentials (6 cabinets over 20+chest…no brainer on the space savings) but with the lighting and the extra attention on the details of this cabinet, did I introduce more lag on it myself?

We traded out our chests for Arcane Curios too. Love those things!

In our storage area, we have something like 20 of them, about 40 candles sitting around (for the kewl ambiance) and 3 Arcane Braziers, but I haven’t experienced any additional lag. But then again, the only time I get any real lag is when I Teleport between my bases.

I’ve been playing with the curios and teleporters and now have a bunker that contains a teleporter surrounded by curios and iceboxes. It gets deactivate when I log off and I only have one other teleporter to a crafting area that is a bit of a drag to get into.

I’m thinking of setting up a grave zone near the unnamed city for RHTS conversions but maybe not…just not my minimalist style.

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