Current Conan servers

For the last few nights the server 1974 Oceanic region, the only server with any players remaining is a constant lag feast, thralls stop working, cant mine, open doors, cant fight, same thing different day, its lucky if the server even makes it to 30/40 before this starts to even happen & is like this until the server reset about 6.10am.

Its happening because people were coming back to the game but they wont last long as these poor excuses for gaming servers force them away each time. Dont know if Funcom decided to downgrade the servers they rent from shit server to a Fking sht server but its happening & bad news for what ever people remain to play the game.

we have this problem on 1127 for one moth every day after 16:00 server becomes unplayable server ping 800/1000 server fps 3/4 At this point all the NPC are stones they do not move they do not attack. And we are 40 players on this servers. Using server tool report did not do nothing. This is outrages there are only 10 officials servers with 40/40 players and half of them have huge ping

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