Current game progress

I am a big fan of this game, with lots of hours since Alpha. I enjoy the building aspect a lot even with the quirky bugs. One thing hit me when I was watching the stream…

You ( Funcom ) have said in the past that you want us to build big…and people build massive bases/castles and city’s. With all the placeables, all the foundations, all the thralls and now all the animals all over the server its hard not to get bogged down by it all. And in one of the last streams you said the guy that is working on the possible correction for better performance to this issue is doing it on the side when he has free time.

So you as the player, would you like Funcom to focus more on this then on the side?

Hi there @Jazrek

Just to clarify something quickly:
This is not something he works on on his free time. That was more regarding time spent on high critical bugs or prioritized bugs compared to building performance issues. In this case it’s a question of: which is the more critical critical issues to focus on :slight_smile:

Thank you for the clarification. :slight_smile:

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