Current thumbnail art (cant share?)

Hello. My name is Dieugirl, and I recently found out that my Youtube subscribers are REALLY into the Secret World Legends videos I make. I would love to share some of the thumbnail or videos I create but I’m not really sure how. does anyone have any ideas how I can share my creations with you guys?

Pasting video links directly into a forum post should create a preview:

But it’s entirely possible that you’re not allowed to use the feature with a new account to prevent spamming. @AndyB would be able to answer that :v:

I think you need to make 4 or 5 posts, dieugirl.

Oh. Okay. I’ll have to look around and see what I can contribute to. Thanks all! cant wait to share my videos with you!


Looking forward to seeing them!

Okay, it is currently 9:31PM CST here, so I can only post a few videos for now. I hope you guys enjoy these and I welcome any and all constructive criticism
I start off the first episode as close to my furry persona as possible, even going so far as choosing the Templars due to thier religious affiliation…and I like their message. :stuck_out_tongue:

the dream sequence threw me a tad, but after a bit of troubleshooting, I conquer that puzzle as well. My subscribers react positively as well, which is always a bonus in my book.

This is the second half of the tutorial, (after re-creating my character due to the fact the first mysteriously vanished) as well as covering the 'Tokyo incident ’ The controls are still a bit iffy, but as with all new games it usually takes me a few episodes to work out the kinks.

FINALLY I get to start truely training. Also, one of my subscribers points out a small mistake I made with weapons and placement.

I’ll post more later. I’d like to guage ya’lls reaction to these first 3 first before I post the next batch.

Thank you, and See Yall Later!

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Thank you very much for posting. :slight_smile:

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