Curruption in the Newb Oasis (river)

I found this guy on my path when I moved to speak with the NPC that explains the bracelet and green wall to new players.

Not what I want to see wearing burlap and carrying stone weapons. Is this a glitch? Or is it truly possible to be attacked by a corrupted critter while carrying on a conversation with this friendly man?

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It’s been like that since they introduced elites. My guess is they just gave a random chance to all spawns indiscriminately.

Hey @Shadoza, we’ll bring this up with the developers to determine if it’s intentional that elites appear in the initial area’s spawns.

Even after this patch is live, there is a chance anyone can run those mobs to the area. I realize that is probably not the case at this moment. Survival is real! egads! :stuck_out_tongue:

I would say, yes. Regularly fighting blue eyed crocs and godzillas at noob river. They spawn even more often there cos the Exiles keep killing them.

I have always enjoyed seeing them on the river. Odds are high, since there are so many turtles that populate the area.


Thank you for responding.
Hoping it is not intentional as having one of those creature attack while conversing with the NPC, doesn’t seem like a good thing.

Sometimes the best course of action is to run…

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Brave, brave Sir Robin!

The creature attacked while I was chatting. I had to abandon the conversation and remove myself from the area. It attacked without provocation. I understand avoiding over-charged creatures is a good thing, but…I also believe that having a corrupted or aggressive beast near a story NPC shouldn’t happen.

That was always a safe spot before good thing to know now. Thanks

Yes, I reroll often and have visited this NPC each time without encountering hostiles.
I, too, believed it was safe to chat.

There are some shalebacks near there. I think every time a creature spawns, there is a chance for it to be corrupted. So anywhere you are, if you see a creature spawns there, at some point the corrupted version will spawn at that location (if that creature type has a corruption version).

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