Cursing allies and enemies

I curse my enemies to become were rats. I cursed my allies to become were wolfs. Weres gets plus 5 to all stats and increase movement/attack speed of 10%. They lose the ability to use magic,heavy armor,build tier 3 buildings, to use the religion system and use avatars.

Corruption has no effect on weres. As it auto leaves there bodies. The potion to turn back to human is a long and painful one. This spell rips the corruption out of a sorcery user body and can only active at 50% Corruption. This spell also kills the caster if the target transform. A price for this power. On allies it doesn’t drain or use corruption. Unless the ally keeps the curse. The curse cast on allies who kept it drains all the corruption from the sorcery user, but it doesn’t kill the sorcery user. You know since they your allies. Once kept you’ll need the potion to turn back human. 1 ally at a time and must be at max corruption to cast.

Interesting idea. Not sure if it fits Conan, though.

The cartoon or comics? Sure it fits into the lore. If sorcery gets in the game. Then curses are a sure thing.