Cursor / Screens / resolution / UI - Not right

  1. Game launches on any screen it likes, eventually you can get it to the right screen using windows key shortcut. Throws resolution out though.

  2. Cursor does not match the UI…can’t see where you are and cannot click anything

Can’t get past the menu

Returning Player…Can’t play :frowning:

I’m not familiar with the dual monitor, but have run into the cursor offset when starting a new game.

My solution was relatively simple, change the game in the settings to windowed fullscreen, match the resolution with the desktop, restart perhaps a few times and that should clear the mouse problem.

The rub comes in when the two monitors use two resolutions and you can’t define which monitor will appear ingame.

Two solutions come to mind. Match resolutions or transfer the game to the correct game through windows. Again, no experience there.

Good luck !



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