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We, over the years, receive and answer hundreds of thousands of questions about Age of Conan. Everything from very specific bugs to very broad information. I’ve been looking to move more and more of the helpful information we have to these forums, but I really don’t know what would be most helpful! Please reply to this topic with QUESTIONS you have asked Customer Service in the past or QUESTIONS you imagine new players will need to ask.

Chris, Why Did You Format “QUESTIONS” Like That?

Because I know you! I’ve been with Funcom for a while now and I have seen enough attempts to publicly help go astray.

Here’s some rules of engagement for this topic:

  • Do NOT editorialize with your question - This is not a place for you to judge, demean, correct or attack Customer Service. We’re trying to make this forum better; please help us.

  • Do NOT attack or demean other posters in this topic - I’ll remove it as quickly as possible

  • Do NOT comment on how long your help ticket/petition has gone unanswered - We, as a team, are working as hard as we can to answer tickets as fast as we can. This is a tough time for everyone.

  • Do NOT repost questions in an attempt to get them more attention - Just Like the post! That’s as good as a vote in my book.

  • Do list questions that you think New Players will benefit from reading the answers to.

  • Do list questions that you had when you were first starting out.

  • Do list questions that you had when you returned to the game after a long absence.

  • ONLY list questions that Customer Service is able to answer - We aren’t here to tell you how to build your Barb!

Here are some helpful notes to hone with your expectations:

  • We will not answer the questions here in this topic.
  • We will not answer every question.
  • The questions we do answer, will not be answered immediately.
  • We will do our best to collect and post answers to the most HELPFUL questions.

Why are you doing this again?

We really want to make this forum as helpful to new and experienced players as possible. We know that there are a ton of idiosyncrasies about Funcom, our accounts, our games, our community and our service. We’re trying to make those things MORE transparent so that we can spend more time helping people with things that they can’t solve on their own. I hope to hear from you soon!

P.S. This topic will be closed at my whim.


A few questions/issues I see all the time:

  • Why won’t my settings save? I’ve tried all the stuff in that forum thread but it doesn’t work!

  • What are instances for World Bosses and how to I change the one I’m in?

  • The game won’t start because it says my .exe is missing even though I see it right there.

  • The game won’t start and it says my ‘LocalConfig.xml’ is missing even though it isn’t. I’ve tried replacing it with the one from the account page but it doesn’t work.

  • Why is the game download so slow? I have fast internet!

  • Why was I double charged for Funcom Points or Subscription purchases?

  • Where are my claims on my new character?

  • Why do my settings sometimes all get reset to default low values when the game crashes? ***** (I honestly haven’t seen this one in awhile, but I imagine it can still happen.)

  • What are the real complete differences between FTP and Subscription? What zones do I get and what do I still have to buy separate?

  • I crashed or got disconnected from the server and now I can’t sprint. I’m stuck walking everywhere and my Sprint bar never moves. How do I fix this?

  • I bought a subscription and logged into game but I’m still FTP. What happened?



Why can’t the resurrection bug be fixed? When someone gets multiple resurrections, instead of going to the first one offered each new one becomes the new ‘up first’ resurrection. So if you push the one you want, it can bump you to the ress back to ress pad and require you to run back or even not be back in the raid

Why do mounts become invisible when you port in game? Why does your character become invisible if in the lich or demon mode (necro and hox) when porting?

Why is there no ress pad between zodiac and the emperor in t4 and between the third and fourth bosses in t6 so that the healers don’t have to take so long to get back to the raid?

Why is there not a better way for everyone to vote out a afk raid leader in a raid finder? I would think that if 2/3 of the players would vote out afkers or slackers or people who troll the raid that would make it more fun, No one likes to carry people who just sit in the raid finder and don’t contribute.

Why are you ‘wasting’ a loot drop in t5 and t6 (and t4 for all that) to give 3 AA points? Most players (except for saga) already have full AAs by the time they get to t5 and t6, at least in my experience

Why can’t you put back the ‘buy for the entire account’ options in item shop? Why can’t we have the old item shop back (much better looking for one thing). Why is your rare and legendary drop rate so horrid for the boxes?

Why can’t we get veteran points again? I have a ton for my account, but new players are missing out on all the ports and veteran bag and etc etc from the vendors

Why not give us back the free Funcom points every month for subscribers? It increases the value of having a subscriptoin


The question that Piankhi lists: “I brought a subscription and logged into the game but I’m still FTP. What happened?” has a variation that we often see of:
"I just brought x from the ingame shop but I still can’t go there / can’t gain access to it"
with x one of several options …or all of them:
a) Rise of Godslayer expansion,
b) The Savage Coast of Turan
c) Hyborian tales: Shadow of Vanaheim
d) Secrets of Dragon’s Spine

Another frequent ingame question:
What happened to my crafting recipes? I just got the next crafting quest and learnt new recipes, but all the other recipes in my recipe book including those for my second crafting profession have disappeared.

Re: The Savage Coast of Turan - we often see:
I have the zone and have restarted the game, but the wagoner still won’t take me

How do I contact a Game Master? (often put in the form of the question: Is there a game master online who can help me?)

I’m running along whilst standing on the back of my mount … and cant’ dismount, help! (often occurs after zoning or porting, often amusing the player until they realise they can’t dismount and can’t fight when they are doing that)


All of these are wonderful, thank you so much for the good starting set to get documented!!!


Question from returning players often are:
What happened to my offline levels?
Do we still get veteran reward tokens? (to which we explain they will have the accumulated number per new toon that they were entitled to every time but no accumulation)

What is raid finder? How does it work? Do we need the zones that raid finders are in to go?
Where can we see how many are signed to raid finder?
When does raid finder reset each week?
Does going to raid finder lock us out of that real raid for the week?
How often can we do raid finder?

When do RAIDS reset each week?

How do we know if we are locked to a dungeon/instance/raid?

How do we know if a dungeon or quest is off cooldown?

How do we reset a dungeon? Can a dungeon be reset? how do we know if it can or can not be reset?

New players often have problems with their destiny quests because they are grouped. So we get a variety of questions such as : Is x bugged as the key won’t drop on the beach? Or the key in the keep won’t drop from the NPC. …long story short is the answer to all of those is : do not group whilst doing solo destiny quests…

I’m FTP, what is my gold limit? And what happens to my coin over this limit? Can I get access to the stored coin if I have less than 10gold on my character?

Sorry Christa - i’m on a roll at the moment …I thought of one that is being asked a lot on the Saga server at the moment: As FTP I got this extra character to play on Saga …When it goes to Crom will I STILL be able to play it or will it be locked?


I’m not sure what is easier for you…if I start a new reply or edit a current post…so this one is coming as a new reply:

How do I delete a character?
sometimes: I deleted the wrong character how do I get it back?

How can I tell what weapons or armour my class can use? (as far as I can tell that’s only obvious on the character creation screen and ingame they have to look what they can and can’t use from a vendor…so a post on this forum listing what each class can use would be helpful, I think there might be a partial one on an out of date Wiki page somewhere)

Often get questions about attribute conversions eg 1 combat rating = 0.03%DPS; 1 strength equals x y z …as people are comparing gear with different stats and trying to figure out balances between higher wisdom vs higher magic damage etc… I hope I’m explaining this one well enough.

HELP!! my character is naked …everything I had is gone !! I haven’t played for years, just came back and everything I had is gone!!

Help! my server is gone. I used to play on Rage/Deathwish but it’s not there anymore.

Is this the USA Server or the EU server? Where are the servers located?

What are runes all about? At the moment it’s about the T6 runes and the attributes they give as people are seeing the T6 necklaces then later weapon sets often for the first time if they are returning or new to game.

What is the achievement system?
How do I use the free teleport system between zones that I get by having 1000 or 1500 achievement points?
What’s the difference between these free teleports on the second tab of the playfield access and the first tab of playfield access (the ones that you need teleport coins for)

Often: I opened the daily achievement “Contender’s Cache” and it said that I received a “crate of health potions” or “sack of coins” into my inventory but there isn’t anything new there
(for health potions for example, the bag is actually 10 daggamalt added to your inventory and if the current health potion stack is less than 90, then it stacks on top so easy to miss seeing … I had several days of looking for the bags of health potions wondering what I was missing before I realised my stack was increasing by 10 each time)

PS: I’m putting myself out of business ingame by giving you all these questions to answer on the forums…i guess i’ll have to start more copy-pasting links to forums than the typing of answers than I currently do :wink:

sorry a couple more then I’ll give it break for a bit;

How do I remove a gem from an item? (not only that you need to have Tainted Alkahest, a player made potion, but exactly HOW to use it and ensure that you don’t destroy the item instead as well. Also that the Gem will be Destroyed and is not recoverable is important to cover in this answer).

How to I add a gem to an item?

HELP! I can’t add my chaos gem to the ring !! (a friend was trying to add a chaos gem to a ring whilst inside the slithering Chaos instance but could not. He discovered that as he was mounted before he zoned into the Slithering Chaos dungeon, the game still thought he was on his mount and hence unable to “craft” to add the gem… …and he could not add the gem until he had zoned out of the dungeon and dismounted his mount outside).


Almost all of these questions are design questions and not Customer Service questions. I’m happy to take your feedback to the designers, but I have no answers for them. I’ll be happy to address the raid finder question though!


Why don`t we get Funcom points each month we are subscribed but we have to buy them separately?

Why is GM asking me if I am in a safe place before he/she can proceed with my petition?

What happens with my petition when I log off and how long can my petition remain “active” without GM answer?

Are you hiring new GMs and/or CS employees?

Is FoA (Follower of Asura) program still active? If so, can new members still apply?

What is the “deadline” a GM/CS can retrive accidentaly deleted character with all items?

20.5. 2008 - 20.5. 2018
We are getting old :blush: Will Conan step out from his (still unfinished) castle and drive those pesky Nemedian raiders away? With our support ofc!


Why do some items say “Can only have one” when you can have duplicates? Is this cheating if we get more than one?

Why is it possible to get duplicate drops of Bind on Pickup “Can only have one” items from things like Item Shop Boxes or World Boss boxes? This caused me to essentially not get a drop as I just had to delete the item(s)!


I strongly support a clearifing a post, answer, whatever that is about the differences between FTP and subscribers, there was alot of good stuff already mentioned. It would not only give F2P information about what they can and can’t do, but it would point out the benefits of a membership. There used to be a comparison, where you could see side by side what one can do/access/open up.
Related questions often are: Which chat can I see with which status? My friend is F2P too but he can send /tells to subscibers but I can not? How many character slots does an old/new F2P account have? Which areas can I access, do I need them for the RF? …

@Kwalya has a good collection of newbie questions, @Christa you mentioned a lot of them are design questions. But for most of them we do know answers and workarounds - do you want us to write answers we know directly when we present the question?
(For example “Running on my horse can not dismount heeeeeeelp”, veteran answer: Look for deep water and run/jump into it, that will instantly dismount you, or look for an enemy that can and will kick you, beeing kicked will dismount you, too.)


I also wondered when I wrote them whether I should be supplying our usual answers to the questions alongside them. Pretty much all of the questions I wrote, I’ve supplied an answer ingame or seen answered by others.
But I didn’t know if this would be useful for Christa as I realise many of what I wrote will not become part of the support posts being created…but was a big mental splurge that evening.
And they will have their own workflow to compile like-topics together and assess if appropriate for a post.

But if Christa indicates they would appreciate us supplying brief answers I am happy to further edit my current (excessive) sets with answers.

@Kantakwa add “talk to an npc and see if you can dismount afterwards” very occasionally this will work but not often to solutions to the “hey, this is funny but now I want to get off” mount-circus-act we sometimes encounter.


I was replying to a different post. Check top right of my post.


Ah, I see. Now :wink: Well, I think most of us got the point, that you want genuin questions, and not feedback hiding in a question.
But the question still stands: Do you want our answers to the questions, the answers we would give a newbie ingame?
Btw, sorry for turning this thread into a discussion, I am actually pretty happy about the things you put in action here :slight_smile:


No worries, mate! I’m glad we’re taking these steps too! I’m fine with having some answers AS LONG AS you know that we may not use them. CS has some very specific desires when it comes to suggestions to new/returning players. Just take everything we do post with an understanding that we’re doing what we think is best.

Also know that you don’t have to have answers. It’s fine if you don’t.


I am not sure if this was already listed here, but I see this one alot—

“I just made a new character and I cant claim any of my claim items, what gives!?”