Customizable Banners

Is it possible to implement a mechanic that lets us create our own Clan Sigils on Banners and Armors?
This way Clans can stand out more instead of just recoloring their Armors.


I’d love this. It could work similarly to how Minecraft does its banners, or perhaps have a profile linked to FC forums with a banner creator similar to GTA:O.

Stuff like this is always gonna be used in a childish manner tho, so I doubt it’d be implemented to save FC from policing it.

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Nah, as other companies do, you just give them a set 20 or 40 symbols and 8 colors for BG/FG. If 20 that’s (20*8)*8=1,280 combinations etc. Heck, they could even just use the symbols from the vault sigils - maybe add some BG art selections: Tattered, Blood Drips, Gradient Color A → Color B, etc.

Possible? sure! Actually I’m not sure why they haven’t done so already - it’s pretty common in other games - probably not on armors… but maybe Tabards tho?

Anyway, it’s a good idea…

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True, this is always a problem…but at least they could do some standard Fantasy Sigils and a recolor Option for Banners.

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