Customization Mod - Beyond the Mirror

Using my mod I have been working on the customization to allow a good variety of forms.
Took some snaps and came here to face popular opinion … lol


This immediately reminded me of death by SnuSnu

Looking good mate, nice work!


Looks good a little too muscular for me. Hot and dangerous.

reminded me of a kardashian.

Good job

The mod allows you to do whatever you want with the character.

The thing is I like bodybuilding and bodybuilders, so most of my characters have that look.

But I have done some “catwalk models” once or twice for pictures. lol

Well. I like more variety and options. Different body types are very rare in video games because they tend to require a lot of work from the graphical department. You can’t just stretch polygons and make it look good.

So the real question is: what are you going to do about all the clothes and armor in the game? (Not that I’d mind everyone running around in loinclothes, really, but you know - more variety is better, even with clothing options.)

This one is my main, with and without armor:

I have no problems with that since I first made this mod.

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My god, how is that horse’s back not broken yet?
They make even Ladagara daughter of Ymir look like a dwarf!

I draw inspiration for the customization of my main character from the Bodybuilder Bian Rui Ying, and given the proportions, she would not weight as much as me IRL. She would weight around 85kg.

The one at the stairs, inspired by ดวงอักษรใจดี, but I could not actually make it so she would have the same exact shape, still would be as heavy as me IRL, as the real one weights 114kg.

And I never broke any horse’s back the many times I rode them. lol

I don’t quiet understand what your mod does, could you explain it in a bit more detail?

What I understood is: if you put points into strength your character will start to look more muscular but I am unsure what you mean by “Mass” and “Resilience”. Are those new attributes that replace existing ones? How are they changing your character?
This is not a “simple” body type replacement mod, like wonderbody or aquilonian females which change the base look of the body, right?

If so, I find this concept really amazing and interesting!

The mod itself does not change your character when you using it in Solo or another server.
The mod only adds a set of items that customize your character as you wish.

Most people dont really like the idea of the character appearance tied with behavior, as most want to do what they want and their character be what they want. So I reserved the training and dieting feature to my server.

But this is not a replacement body either. You can use Aquilonian females (I know it works because I tested), or Wonderbody (I technically guess, because I wont test it).

This mod in tech does two things:
1 - It replaces the Animation Blueprint for one with a hook for an underline character customization Animation Blueprint. It adds that Animation Blueprint which then acquire values to change the proportions and sizes of the mesh, without actually replacing it.

2 - It replaces the baseline material which makes the humanoid characters with an Instance of a material the mod adds. That material requests the information passed by the original mesh (or replaced one) and adds some properties to that material following a set of values. It will change base properties on this material, which will then be used to create the Material Instance that makes up the bodypart it must affect.

As both things act before the original mesh is even made, it does not conflict with it or a replacement.

For bonus, it adds gems that customize the already existent character values too, like skin tone, height, hair, etc.

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Ah okay, now I understand it better, thanks for explaining!

Customization mod was updated to run on the new version of the core game.

After you use the table to shape up your character, you can use the gems to make some final touches, and to use it to customize your Thralls, Artisans and share your shapes with other players.

The SBM gems now work under a new more powerful system, and allow for much more customization, like changes in waistline shape, e.g. flatter but wider, or popping belly.

There is also new gems to correct height for use with the high heels mod, or positioning correction if you use a replacement body mod like Aquilonian Females mod.

I took the time to update the page with more in depth information about the customization mod:

The workers customized with Gemini Gem to get the shiny in the skin, and the new armor, working as the sun rises. The effect under the sunlight is very nice in Siptah.

Some slight worked male customization.

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The Bone Scroll, introduced sometime ago will let you port your appearances, share them, or save them for future use.

I will start adding shapes to the gallery in my website, but anyone can share theirs by using the code. Please be aware that the code has an order and logic, and any minor change might have consequences when using it.

2020-11-28 Update: Now you can freely and independently choose the ratio for hand and feet size. Changing feet size might also call for a height fix, which you can do too.

For more info, see this page:

Which page has this video intro and codes I added for those interested.