Daily log in issue

I have a lifetime account and my daughter has a regular (non-patron) account. Neither of us got the daily log in today after logging on this evening. I didn’t see anyone else talking about it so was wondering if any one else has had this issue? Not to shocked with a anew patch so not looking to pull out the torches and pitchforks :stuck_out_tongue:

I think I rarely had it happen that it didn’T automatically open. When that happened I clicked the present in the top left on the bar to open the daily menu and claim the reward.

Yeah, I’ve had that happen before as well. Sadly not time. I already tried it on both earlier.

Steam or funcom client?

Hers is FC client, mine is Steam.

Oh well, today both logged in normally. Guessing just a bug. Weird it got us both though.

Might be worth petitioning over, honestly no idea what the GMs would say.

Thought about it but not worth the hassle when I’m on a break from the game and just loggin on, claims daily and logging off. Daily grinding was how I put myself off the original game. I definitely would’ve mentioned it if I was having to run around everywhere like I do when I run a mission for my daughter.